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hi <3 [Tuesday
April 4th, 2006
[ mood | sleepy ]

Well I figured since I am online and really have nothing to do that I'll update a little bit...

Me and Richard are doing really good...despite some of the struggles, we are still together. But you never know what can happen in the next five years i guess? But I really really do love him <3 Hopefully I will always have him by my side. Anyways we went to Aleydas for the lunch buffet (which was sooooo fucking good) and then we were so tired we took a nap, and then went swimming...

I shall be moving soon :( because of greedy ass people who want people to move out so they can sell of the little apts as condos at 255,000 a peice... well whatever KARMA is what they'll get. I have no idea where we will be moving to but prob somewhere in wellington.

Anyway I am going to bed soon bc I have to of course go to work tomarrow!


March 5th, 2006
[ mood | hyper ]

Heyyyyyyy look who's back on livejournal bitchessssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anyway I miss writing in this thing, so like what has been going on? Well with me ALOT!!! I am always busy doing stuff, like weddings, work at the flower shop, hanging out with richard, hanging out with jill &hearts; , shopping, going to the gym all the time, and all that good stuff! Yesterday I got the movie Lady and the Tramp (well richard gave me $20 to buy it :)) and I watched it while Richard got drunk with my dad...haha assholes! Today I just worked on some wedding bullshit and then went to my favorite store forever 21 and bought a couple cute shirts, I tried on a dress but it looked to oldfashion praire girl on me so ewwwwww not for me! and I got some kick ass sunglasses that are HUGE!!! sooooooo i wanna go again so i can get this shirt a Delia*s, I am gonna go with JILL my BELL!!!! Yup thats her newwww nickname for an hour!         Kay well this was funnnnnn :)

and thanxs to JILL my BELL for my new layout, title, and getting me back on this junk(aka livejournal)



November 14th, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]

OMG I am updating....lol...I feel so proud, actually I am bored!!!

So my bday was great :)! Got alot of cool stuff! and now I am no longer officially a teen, GO ME!!! lol...

Got into a big fight with Richard the other day but I guess things like that just make your relationship stronger...
sometimes I wish I just didn't get so mad...like sometimes I just wanna just grab him by the neck a choke him...lol jk or whatever...but yea it was fun!
So from now on I am gonna try and not get so frustrated and upset.

Well I really can't fucking wait till Walk the Line comes out bc it looks seriously so good, unlike some other movies that came out this year.

Okay so I am gonna try an update more because I just am!!!!


J9!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [Thursday
September 29th, 2005
[ mood | annoyed ]

Sooooooooooooo it's been a damn while!!!!!!!!!!! LOL!

So I've just been working and hanging out,

and that is like all basically...

my daddy is going for surgery next week and i am very nervous :(

OH and great John Roberts is now chief justice of the supreme court so if you need an abortion get it while you can...jk...but seriously this sucks he got voted in.

AND OMG H.W.C is the best song by liz phair...i <3 it!!!!!!!!


September 1st, 2005
[ mood | blah ]

I like pinapples!

and I feel so sad over all the Hurricane Katrina shit, and so saddy for Louisiana!

and I hate our president...ugh...don't even get me started :o

Going to Norton Saturdayyyyyyyy, can't wait! OOOOOOPPPPPP!


August 28th, 2005
[ mood | sad ]


I just got finished watching VMA's, it was okay, although I personally think Gwen Stefani should've won an award. klfjdskfjlsjdflsd!!!!!!

Anyway I feel sooooooooooooo friggin bad for all the people in Louisiana and Mississippi, they are gonna get hit so bad by hurricane Katrina...gotta pray for them. It got so big overnight, Florida is so lucky it was tropical force storm when it hit us, nothing but a little flooding and power outages. Damn, I feel lucky and then I feel bad for feeling relieved that that shit ain't coming here.

I haven't been to work since Tuesday, I feel so spoiled! But I am working tomarrow, kinda really need too for the $$$$$$$$$$$$!

I was gonna see 40 yr old virgin but after ate at Ruby Tuesday I got tired and just wanted to go home!!! Maybe I'll go next weekend...who cares really???


I hit the 13 ball in the hole........ [Wednesday
August 17th, 2005
[ mood | content ]

SSSssooo went to T.G.I.Fridays last night for a friendly dinner with Kit, Wiggles, Lorissa, Richard, Margalie, Carlos, and Stefan...and some other peeps that i dunno! It was fun!

THEN went to play pool with Kit, Stefan, and Richard and GUESS WHAT???? I hit the 13 ball in the hole on my first try...yeaaaaaaa...i was so proud of myself :)!!!!

Anyway painted my nails today and they are pretty!!! Work was crazy but kinda fun cuz i was mostly alone all day and got to go in late and leave early.


Yum Cake.... [Monday
August 15th, 2005
[ mood | bouncy ]

So last Friday was my wonderful lil sis 11th B-Day so I made her a wonderful cake...lol...it took me for like FRIGGIN EVER but it was worth it!!!




August 10th, 2005
[ mood | headachyyyy ]

Well I have a majorly bad headache so i am gonna try to type this as fast as possible so i can go to bed.

School is starting for BOTH of my sisters, jess is gonna be teaching kindergarten and jill is going to sixth grade.

Jessica y. left yesterday :( you better visit again and for longer!!! cuz i miss!!!! <3<3<3

Soooooooo today went to work, and then the doctors with richard and out to eat at the food court in the wellington mall. Came home and took a nap, and when jess came home we went out shopping at Ross and Barnes & Nobles...got some nice shirts and jeans and books.

TOMARROW i am going to the Tori Amos concert!!!!!! My boss gave me VIP tickets, which was awfully nice of him :)


August 6th, 2005
[ mood | contemplative ]

Soooooooo last night totally a great night!!!! omg...fun fun fun!!!!

Me, Jessie, Richard, Kit, Amy, and her cuz's went bowling and it was fun, i sucked at it as usual...hee hee i didnt even break 100 and i had bumpers, wow i suck! Then we went to Denny's and i pulled a sally and ordered a Fudge Brownie ala mode...i miss her! But FINALLY saw Jessie after like a year of being apart::sob::~lol~

I wish I could hang tonight but i got majorly sick :( sucks just like a whore!


kay well here are some picsCollapse )


July 31st, 2005
[ mood | cranky ]

I HATE SUNBURN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


July 31st, 2005
[ mood | lonely ]


Went shopping with my mommy dearest and jill, got alot of shit...damn me and my spending...ugh...but Target has like a bunch of cute purses for $3-4 and Ross had a bunch of cute shirts!!!! oh well!!!

Anyway Richard is in Orlando and i am lonelyyyyyyyyyyyyy :( lol! i miss!

Tomarrow i am going to Calypso Bay...yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa....I LOVE!!!!!


July 26th, 2005
[ mood | bouncy ]

New layout cuz i was boredddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!!!!!!!!!

but i like jills better!!!!


July 24th, 2005
[ mood | lauginggggg ]


Friday night i saw Wedding Crashers and i laughed so hard, i will def be seeing that one agian!

Saturday I went to go see Hustle and Flow, i liked it...mostly because it felt genuine and not all dolled up. I would see that one agian too!


here are some picssss .... (keep in mind me and my sisters are weird and i <3 shopping)


mint condom fun is only a click awayyyyyyyCollapse )


July 20th, 2005
[ mood | calm ]

So today just went to a bunch of doc's and stuff....blah boring...anyway watched Moonstruck! I LOVE THAT MOVIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!! bc its diff.

I love this book "what i know about girls", its so cute!

"A Little Girl's emotions are as big as forever.
Nobody is sadder than a sad little girl.
When she cries, she cries all over,
until every bit of sadness is used up.
Then she is happy all over-
and nobody is happier than a happy little girl.
Maybe it is smart of little girls to let tears run until they are all gone,
and never let any old tears hang around to spread a mist over the next rising of the sun."
-what i know about girl by louis redmond

its such an adorable book!!!!

blahhhhhhhhh i am bored.....i made a cake out of melted icecream it came out really good.....and i like CAKE!!!!


July 17th, 2005
[ mood | bored ]

Well it was a nice weekend!

Went to my boss's 50th birthday party! Me and Jess danced like the whole night even when no one else was...lol. Me and Richard got to stay at the mariott that night, my family stayed to but in another room. I left two gold bangle braclets in my room though and when I went back they only found one :( oh well its not the end of the world!!!

Saturday night went to the DMB concert which was GREAT!!! and Richard was happy because they played Crash...his favorite. They played alot of the new songs on their new cd. Anyway i think it was the most packed concert I've ever been to, there was soooooooooo many people it was CRAZY!!!

The bottoms of my feet have cement burn which really sucks ass, i can hardly walk, feel like an old lady :(

some pics from the partyCollapse )


July 14th, 2005
[ mood | cheerful ]


I had Jury Duty all week and it was a major pain in my ass!!!!!! ugh! I was in the selection for a murder case and it was uncomfterable because the friggin murderer is sitting RIGHT THERE!!!!!! Looking and watching you!!!!!! He looked like some guy off the soprano's...lol. Well thank god i got dismissed!

Went to lunch with richard and my sis at Ruby Tuesdays...and i ate too much.lol.

Sooooo I am so excited for saturday, DMB CONCERT!!!!!!!!




July 10th, 2005
[ mood | confused ]

Well so last night was a very crazy crazy night....lol.

Went to Stefans for a little get together/party while his parents were out of town and WOW!!!

Wish I had brought my camera....on second thought maybe not!

Pauline seriously so glad you were there for me!!!!!

p.s. my new layout is bananas!!!


July 9th, 2005
[ mood | contemplative ]


anyway i know its been a long time since i posted in this shit but i've been busy!!!!!!!

blah blah blah

so i went bowling last night with some peoples, and i don't know what i am doing tonight but right now i am gonna go to the mall! maybe i will find something to wear at kashmirs next wed.

oh well i will try my best to update asap!


May 11th, 2005
[ mood | curious ]

Hey long time no post!!!

Anyway its not gonna be a long post bc i have to work early and i need to go to bed!

Jessica moved back down...yea...now i gotta get my other jess to come back down..hee hee!

Worked alot over mothers day week and then went to orlando for jessica's graduation which was cool! and then yesterday hung out with richard and jessica helping her move into her new room, then we had some raspberry smirnofs and corona, but i only had the smirnofs bc i hate the tast of beer.

Anyway that is my post, so like it or leave it!


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